Finding the right home for your money is becoming increasingly challenging and complicated. With interest rates being at a current low those relying on the interest from banks and building society accounts to supplement their income are facing great disappointments. Making the wrong investment can be costly. There is a vast choice of investment products available beyond the high street and with the right knowledge and advice the opportunities are out there.

As the performance of your savings and investments will make a critical difference to your financial wellbeing now and in the future, receiving professional, practical and impartial advice is extremely important.

We recognise that every client is different. We will consider your circumstances, the level of risk you are comfortable with as well as your needs and objectives. So whether you are looking to invest surplus monthly income or a lump sum, our specialist advisers can design an investment strategy that is specifically tailored to your requirements and find the best investment type for you.

All of our clients have the ability to view their portfolio securely online and as part of our service we provide on-going advice to ensure that the investment is still in line with your objectives.

We offer independent advice in all areas of saving and investments including:



Unit Trust / OEICs / Investment Trusts

Structured Investment Products

Ethical Investments

Children’s Accounts / School Fee Planning