Equity Release

If you own your own home and are aged 55 or over, you may be able to use equity release to generate tax free cash.

Equity Release has developed into a highly regulated, transparent market place that offers a range of solutions to help our retired population make the most of their retirement years.

These days people are spending longer than ever before in retirement and many find that their pensions just don’t go far enough. Equity release could help maintain your lifestyle by:

Generating tax free cash to supplement your pension in the form of a lump sum, additional income or maybe both.

The equity release products have no fixed term and allow you to stay in your home for the rest of your life, unless you have to move into long term care.

Equity release schemes are very complex and you should always consider taking professional advice before making any commitment.

We deal with an increasing number of equity release enquiries. For some people it is an ideal way of greatly improving their quality of life but for others it is not appropriate so we can find alternative options that are better suited for them.

Thinking of moving?

Few people realise that equity release can also be used when relocating or moving home. For example, If you sold your property for £250,000 and wanted to buy somewhere else for £300,000 a loan of £50,000 by some form of equity release product could make this possible.